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iOS app finally available (13/09/2021)

We’re pleased to announce that the Shaknspin companion app is finally available at Apple’s app store. It has the exact same features and operation as the already available Android version, and should work on any iPhone or iPad, provided the minimum iOS version is 8. You can download the app from here…

Also, to reflect this, the User Manual has been updated and can be found here.

Review by an italian customer (06/09/2021)

An italian customer that ordered his Shaknspin from our italian reseller – Musica & Video – made a very interesting review of it (in italian…)

Shaknspin reviewed by Michael Fremer on Stereophile’s September 2021 issue (14/08/2021)

Stereophile’s Michael Fremer did a very positive review of our Shaknspin in the September 2021 issue. On top of that, he used it to measure the performance of the mighty TechDAS Air Force Zero !

New app version (26/07/2021)

A new version of the Shaknspin Android app is from now available at the Play Store.

The big improvement is that´s no longer needed to search for the downloaded file inside the Android device and manually attach it to an email message. From now on, after the download is concluded, and a name entered for the resulting file, your default email client will AUTOMATICALLY open, with the file already attached.
You just have to fill the recipient address and press Send !

NOTE – The older version of the app will still work, although without the automatic email attachment feature.

Shaknspin review in LP Magazine (08/07/2021)

Holger Barske reviewed our Shaknspin on issue 5/21 of the German LP Magazine.